Trafigura Run for the House

Houston, TX

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Top Individuals

Top Teams

Team Salient $4,187.98
Team Mogie $2,035.42
Texas Geisslers $503.51
TheHOUCrew $153.51
Team Ainsley $26.91

Team Mogie

Join Ronald McDonald House Houston Staff and Mogie as we come together to raise funds for the House!  

It's that time of year again to kick off our Staff Trafigura Run fundraising competition! The goal is to create some fun around the office while giving back to our families we serve every day!

Most of our staff will be volunteering or working Saturday December 1st, this is our way to pay it forward by gathering our family and friends to support the organization we all love so much! 

Every dollar raised up to $300,000 will be generously matched by the Trafigura Foundation! 

Sign up to run, walk or donate in support of our families!

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
Colleen Dillahunty $750.00 $731.70
Gordon Dillahunty $1,000.00 $625.00
Lisa Estes $0.00 $0.00
Marissa Jimenez $250.00 $107.02
Judy Koch $200.00 $200.00
Diana Lewis $200.00 $0.00
Marc Morris $300.00 $10.96
Brenda Zertuche $250.00 $254.04

Our Contributors

Felicia Broussard $15.00
Gilbert Zertuche $53.51
Felicia Broussard $25.00
Anonymous $53.51
Anonymous $53.51
Name Undisclosed $53.51
Anonymous $106.70
Name Undisclosed $200.00
Anonymous $106.70
Marc Morris $10.96
Natalie Shriner $53.51
Beverly Shriner $53.51
Offline $1,250.00