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My wife and I were discouraged from having children because at the age of 17 she had a mitral valve replacement. With much research and several frustrating years of trying to find a safe way to become parents, we finally welcomed our firstborn son into the world. Our son Logan was born prematurely and was only 4 lbs at birth. He was breathing at 10% when he came into the world and was immediately taken for treatment. As a new father, I felt hopeless and powerless because I could do nothing to change his circumstances. I will never forget the feeling.

In 2019 I met a Super Dad at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston. Matthew Scutt is the father of Tucker Scutt. At the time, Matthew was staying at The Houstonian Hotel because Tucker, who was 3 years old at the time, was undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer. When I learned of Tucker's medical condition, I was reminded of that feeling of powerlessness from when my son faced his medical challenges at birth. 

I reached out to Matthew as a concerned dad because I could relate to his situation. Little did I know, my call to Matthew was the start of a lifetime friendship. Long story short, Tucker overcame his rare form of cancer and I had the honor of joining the Scutt family at Tucker's ceremony at the Medical Center when he rang the bell signifying that he was a survivor. I am running this 10K in Tucker's honor. I will wear bells on my shoes to let freedom ring each step of the way. Today Tucker is cancer free and is my hero.

Thank you Tucker for being a fighter and an inspiration to me and so many others.


4-year-old Texas boy survives rare form of cancer

The Scutt Family

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